How are screenprinting costs worked out?

There are three main factors that can change the costs associated with screenprinting:

The volume to be printed (Example: Larger volumes can achieve lower cost/unit).
The amount of different prints on each item (Example: Two-sided printing will cost more than one-sided)
The number of colours used (Screenprinting requires a separate screen to be produced for each colour and more colours take longer to print)

We will always try to work out the most cost effective method based on your individual variables.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

This will depend on which product you have ordered and the volumes required. We will always give you a ball park estimate on when your orders will be ready for delivery and wherever possible we will always try to ensure orders are delivered close to or prior to the dates quoted. We are always happy to inform our clients on how their order is progressing at any time.

Can you design my logo/product graphics for me?

Yes, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who are able to offer a complete design concept for you. We charge a flat fee for the design service of $100 AUD + GST and this includes delivery of your final design/logo in all relevant formats (including .eps .ai .pdf .jpg .png and more). We offer a series of concept reviews to ensure you are happy with the design prior to final delivery.

Can I submit my own artwork?

Yes, you can submit your own logo or graphics, however, for screenprinting in particular we require these files in vector format (Example: .ai .pdf or .eps). Artwork in these vector formats consist of mathematical algorithms that allow for resizing of artwork in any direction without loss of resolution. Alternative bitmap formats (Example: .png .jpg .gif) don't have the ability to be resized without compromising resolution and image quality.

Can you convert my images to vector format?

It's not possible to simply save your bitmap graphics into a vector file format appropriate for printing, the file must be created from scratch using the correct software (Examples: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, GIMP)  We do, however, offer a redesign service whereby our graphic designer will recreate your artwork in one of these programs and save this artwork in an appropriate vector format. We charge $75 AUD + GST flat fee for this service and will deliver the graphics to you in all appropriate formats for future use.

Do you have a minimum order limit?

Depends on the product. Certain product lines that we offer do require a minimum number of items to be ordered, however, most of our products are available in quite low volumes and we'll always try to work out the most cost effective solution for you. Give us a call on 0438 43 390 or send us an email to find out more.

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